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How to Organize your Pantry for a Practical Home

Jan 2

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Label Maker | Mesh Bins | Air Tight Food Containers | Magnetic Labels | Cabinet Organizer |  Stackable Holders | Lazy Susan

 How to Organize your Pantry for a Practical Home

I’m showing you how to organize your pantry for a practical home because not every home can look Pinterest ready even when we really want it to. Since it’s the new year I wanted to start organizing and decided to start in the heart of the home! When you have three hungry kids and an even hungrier husband, things can get a little messy in the pantry. I’ve worked with a professional organizer in the past and over the years I have accumulated many on my own that have been life savers.

My go to place for all things organization is the CONTAINER STORE! This place is literally my favorite place for my OCD personality. I found these amazing air tight containers that keep your food staying fresh and pretty 😉 I have noticed it has even saved money because I’m not constantly having to throw out food because the little ones have opened a bag that then went stale. I put baking supplies, pasta, beans, nuts, etc in these larger mesh bins. I use these smaller mesh bins for granola bars, baby food, etc. On the floor of the pantry I use these stackable holders for produce and unopened chips and treats.

I found labeling really helps a lot too. It’s not only fun to make labels with this super easy label maker but it helps with grocery shopping too! I can quickly see which area is getting a little sparse and can restock! Just make your label, and then peel and stick onto these magnetic labels.

If you have never checked the Container Store out I promise it will have you motivated to organize your whole house! It’s been super helpful with keepings the food in its place and easily accessible. I no longer have to stand in the pantry for 10 minutes looking for my ingredients to cook dinner.

Last year I did a post on tips for woman here and I really recommend checking it out to carry into this year!