How To Easily Organize Your Closet

How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet How To Easliy Organize Your Closet

How To Easily Organize Your Closet

Welcome to my favorite part of my home!! When we moved into out new house one of main needs was a nice closet, just like every woman, right?! I’m a huge fan of organization and keeping my clothes neat and tight but having three little girls who love to play dress up doesn’t always end like that. I’ll admit sometimes I don’t feel like putting things right back where I found them but over the years I’ve come up with a pretty great system on how to easily organize your closet. First, my closet was created and designed by California Closets who helped out so much to create my perfect dream closet. I wanted to be able to walk in and see everything right away and not have to go digging for clothes. So first I started out by separating all my clothes by season. Yes, this is a huge help when it’s the dead of winter and I’m not digging through all my spring blouses and tank tops. I keep the off season clothes in a spare closet upstairs and then switch it out once it warms up.

Once I have the current season clothes hung up I start by color coding my shirts. I am a huge white blouse lover so I have to keep plenty of room for that. I noticed that doing this it helps when I’m getting dressed in the morning so I can just grab the blouse I want quickly and leave. Next, I hung all my pants up and any longer skirts or dresses. I do the same with color just to make it more appealing to the eye and accessible! Even if you don’t have built in closet space you can easily buy super cute storage bins or hat cases to place in your closet!

Now on to my favorite part…SHOES! Yes, I made them the center of attention of the closet because I love each and every pair! I placed my casual shoes on the left and my more fancier heels on the right. Keeping the current season shoes towards the middle so they are quickly accessible. I have my jewelry laid out in organizers so I can see all my pieces when looking for the perfect pair. You can find some really affordable jewelry and sunglasses storage down below! I’m super excited that I got to bring you into my closet and show you how I keep my closet easily organized without too much storage and clutter! I hope these tips will help you if you’re planning your dream closet too!!

Closet Organization Tips:

  1. Group similar items together (blouses, t-shirts, skirts, etc.
  2. After grouping similar items, then sort by color.
  3. Keep Items you access regularly within reach.
  4. Use matching hangers…it’s pretty AND it looks less cluttered.

When transitioning your closet into the next season, make sure you don’t keep anything that you didn’t wear that season. Visit this post if you need tips on editing your closet 😉

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