Friday 5 – My Current Faves


Friday 5 – My Current Faves

  1. This Kerastase mousse is my new favorite beauty product and the key to my volume. It doesn’t make your hair textured or tacky, just faboo volume. I apply it to roots on the top half of my head and then lightly down to my ends.
  2. Have you watched “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” yet? It’s on Amazon and the perfect weekend binge.
  3. I started using Young Living oils a couple weeks ago and I’m obsessed. A BIG blog post coming soon about everything that I use, BUT my the recipe I diffuse at night is 10 drops each of Raven, Thieves, Stress Away and Lavender. I also use their diffuser because I’ve been through my fair share of diffusers and theirs is legit. All of these oils are available in their starter kit and I use the Desert Mist Diffuser 😉 I’m adding a couple drops of lemon to my water in the image above.
  4. I love this leopard sweatshirt but I do recommend sizing up! I have a long torso and I though it ran a bit short, but super great with high waisted jeans. Plus, it’s on SALE!
  5. I’ve been drinking one cup of decaffeinated Hibiscus tea every night for the past few months. It is SO yummy and it calms me down after putting three kids to bed 😉

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