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Chic Leather Accessories

Sep 15

Chic Leather Accessories

Wether you are traveling via plane, train or automobile, having a leather cases to organize and protect your belongings is a must. I have gone long enough without the ideal set up for my makeup and laptop until I decided enough was enough! I LOVE this laptop case because it has a zipper pouch for the computer cord, zoom light, phone cord and extra pens. We go out of town a lot and my laptop was always getting shoved in random bags, so it really needed to have something more protective that contained everything.

I use the big zippered pouch for my makeup and the smaller one for hair accessories or supplements when we travel. I feel like I can never have enough zippered pouches because being a girl mom there’s always so much stuff that needs to stay organized. The personalized monogram is the perfect touch to make it feel extra special. There are several colors you can choose from, but I was feeling the neutral palette. Enjoy! -Jess