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Caitlin Wilson: Design Review

Caitlin Wilson: Design Review

Caitlin Wilson Design has been a favorite store of mine for a while. Blending whimsical color palettes and classic pieces, what’s not to love? I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite pieces so you could get to know the designer. Not only will you find the pieces on the website, but also pajamas and inspiration. I fell in love with these pink, blue and white rooms and cannot wait for you all to shop them!

Caitlin Wilson combines thoughtful design that is functional and beautiful. A guarantee in any of the rooms is a fantastic use of texture and layers. These design elements ensure that your eye travels around the room and is far more visually pleasing. A great way to add text is mixing in metals, as well as a faux fur rug.

If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself wanting to bring each piece home. I love that Caitlin Wilson Design curates pieces that will look good in any space. The beautiful chest of drawers would be ideal as an entry chest in a beach house. Think outside the box when planning your spaces. While a piece may be intended for a particular room, it doesn’t have to stay there.

Image: Caitlin Wilson Design University Park

We’ve talked about scale and symmetry on before. This kitchen space an a great example of creating interest in the space using varying size and symmetry. Even the fabric choice helps to create movement for your eyes to follow. Do you have anything you love to put in your design that gives it more interest?

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