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How A Hacked Instagram Turned Into A Peloton Giveaway

How A Hacked Instagram Turned Into A Peloton Giveaway

You’re probably wondering how a hacked Instagram turned into a Peloton giveaway. It sounds crazy, because in a way it is. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s start at the beginning…A little over a month ago I was contacted by “Instagram” (spoiler alert: IT WAS NOT INSTAGRAM!). There has recently been a surge of scammers doing this to accounts with decent followings and they claim to be helping with verification. An open of the message and one click later, my entire account was hacked. Like email, password, handle and phone number were changed. Almost instantly! I watched as each picture and memory got deleted. Friends were unfollowed. Everything changed. It was honestly shocking to watch it all slip away so quickly.

My team and I went into high gear looking for ways to recover the account. I found out that after two weeks of the handle being changed, I could at the very least recover my name (@J.Cathell) and use it on a new account. It wasn’t just that I use the account for business, but it was the community found in nearly 50 THOUSAND people who loved interior design, shared recommendations for anything and everything, and even tried recipes when I posted them. The key word in it all was community.

Rebuilding The Community

Fast forward the two weeks needed to regain the handle, and I was back (minus the community!). Except not entirely minus the community. I had been getting texts, Facebook messages, emails even from you all! It meant so much to me that you all were reaching out. As discouraging and frustrating as it was that someone would steal me account, it was so awesome to see that the community of amazing friends were checking in. That’s really the best part of social media. The friendships formed even if you never meet in person. This encouraged me so much to rebuild and make it better than it was before.

Enter the Peloton. I was talking with a close friend about the community and how to rebuild it. What I want to see out of it and goals for where it could go. She mentioned- “why don’t you give away a Peloton?!” It seemed like a crazy idea but that is why I loved it. I have had my Peloton for a while now and love the workouts they offer, but I really love the community you can find. So here we are, one month post stolen account, doing a Peloton giveaway for one of you in the community. Our community! For all the interior design, fashion, and entertaining loving hearts out there- welcome. You’ve got a home here. Plus, you could win a pretty sweet prize just for following along! Head to this post for all the details.

Recap On How To Enter

Here is a quick recap of how to enter to win my Peloton giveaway.

  1. Follow @J.Cathell on Instagram.
  2. Share this post to your Instagram feed or stories and tell your friends about it! Don’t forget to tag @J.Cathell so I see it!
  3. Sign up for my email list so you stay up to date on what’s going on.

That’s IT! No, you don’t have to follow fifteen other accounts. You also don’t have to tag 50 friends. I’ve made it as easy as possible so you can click right into the community and see why I’m so excited for you to join us!

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