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Spring Pajama And Loungewear Update

Spring Pajama and Loungewear Update

Last month I posted to Instagram that I was very passionate about a particular type of non-dairy milk for my coffee. Like it has to be the exact brand because it just won’t froth otherwise! I had tried them all. My favorite frother was up to the job, but I had to find the right dairy free milk option! I was not expecting the messages that I got. When I say my inbox was crowded, I mean overflowing. Out of those conversations came many topics, but besides coffee the number one thing I was seeing was- now that we are talking coffee, can you help me with loungewear finds. And so, I finally have the spring pajama and loungewear update for you all! It has been a while since I did a full round up of pajamas, but this will always be a favorite post of mine on the topic!

I prefer to sleep in cozy clothes and stay warm, even in the summer time. I love sleeping in a cold room, but I do not like being cold! So, I have found sleepwear that works for it all! I know I’m not the only one wearing long sleeves to bed in the middle of July…right?! Regardless, I am sharing my all time favorite sleep and loungewear brands with you all. As well as a newer brand of luxury pajama sets that keep catching my eye! If you don’t need any lounge wear at the moment, still check out there robes and this lip replenisher. The lip treatment makes my lips so soft!

Mix & Max Pajamas + Loungewear

Coffee Tools


The Best Dairy Free Coffee You’ll Ever Have!

The name says it all. Just make sure you get the right almond milk! I have tried all other substitutes and nothing compares.

  • Author: Jess Cathell


  • coffee beans, whole
  • almond milk – it MUST BE Silk Vanilla Original Almond Milk
  • cinnamon


Grind your coffee beans and make your coffee as usual. That is the easy part! Next use the milk frother linked in the blog post and pour in just enough of the Silk Original Vanilla Almond Milk (yes, that specifically!) to cover the frother at the bottom of the canister. The machine does the heavy lifting, and I promise it’s the best. I’ve used every single dairy free alternative I could find on the market- none compared! I like to finish my coffee with a dash of cinnamon. Enjoy!

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