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What To Plant For Outdoor Entertaining

May 7

What To Plant For Outdoor Entertaining

Last year I worked on finding furniture for the patio, and this year we are tackling the landscaping. Since many readers are from the planting zone 7a/8b region like me, I wanted to share the a list of plants my amazing mom put together for me. She had outdoor entertaining, bright sunshine and loads of flowers to pick in mind. My mom is the queen of knowing what to plant for outdoor entertaining! Or really any planting in general. This list is ideal for my area, but check your zone according to the list to see if the plants would be appropriate for you as well. Many of them can thrive all around! Scroll down to see the complete list along with flower suggestions according to your style!

I love to entertain outdoors, and decided that I’d also share a few favorite items I’ve either picked up or love that have helped. I prefer to have easy dinnerware and have found the melamine version of my dinnerware. It’s a great option that you cannot break, and this company does a fantastic job of making it beautiful. When I think of outdoor entertaining, I think that things can e a bit more fun and playful than everyday. I love these colorful stemware (here, here, and here) and they’re all made of a super durable acrylic that doesn’t turn weird colors. If you plan on hosting a lot I’d definitely pick up one of these beverage cooler carts. There are multiple options out there to suite your needs and aesthetics like these here and here. I am a big fan of sun protection so these umbrellas (here, here and here) have been high on my list for outdoor entertaining.