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Reader’s Response: Items Under $150

Jul 3

Reader’s Response: Items Under $150

Last week I created a post based on questions you all asked in regards to outfits and events. There was such a flood of these responses, that I have been working through them all week on the LiketoKnow.it app. I decided to create another post only this time I’m taking your questions and putting a little twist on them. Say hello to reader’s response: items under $150.

I love designers just as much as the next woman, but I am also a firm believer in creating a wardrobe that blends high and low. Some days you’ll find I’ve paired a Valentino handbag with an H&M top and J. Crew jeans. Great style comes at all price points! While I mostly invest in handbags for my wardrobe (hello longevity!) I also am willing to spend on items I absolutely adore. Similarly, I love finding things that are fantastic prices. I hope you all enjoy today’s post and can see that you can create looks on any budget. I still say invest in classic staples, but know that isn’t always possible. Wherever your budget is, or even desire to spend money on your wardrobe, thank you for giving me the opportunity to put these together for you all!

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