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Jess’ Journal: Volume One

Jan 31

Jess’ Journal: Volume One

Hello, ladies! This is my new monthly blog series, a compilation of my favorite things from this month. This is Jess’ Journal: Volume One. January was a slow month and I swore off eating out after overdoing it during the holidays. We made it to a three day weekend on the coast and we enjoyed some great food while we were out of town. Short vacations like that are such a treat because I don’t have to cook and I really enjoy a change of scenery.

Pilates on the reformer has been a big focus of mine for the past two months. My sister joined in with me, so we take a private lesson together three days a week. I love the accountability and a reason to leave the house. Plus, I have ordered a bunch of different workout clothes and I’m loving all things Sweaty Betty. I’ll link some of my current faves from this line below. I turned 40 in November and I have really been focusing on prioritizing my health and well being. My 30’s were very busy and very hard on my body…three kids will do that to you.

I fell down a rabbit hole of wellness videos on TikTok and have ordered several things off of Amazon. The magnesium spray seems to be a hit with me and my husband so I encourage you to try it. I’ll also be starting a new Amazon Style Edit series soon, so stay tuned for that.

I can’t wait to see what Jess’ Journal: Volume Two brings next month, it will definitely be more exciting than this month. January is a sleepy recharge month for me, but I’m ready to bring you even more exciting content in February.

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