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Featured Designer: Courtney Giles

Feb 14

Today’s designer is someone I’ve worked with on many projects, Courtney Giles! Courtney has designed and refreshed many spaces throughout my home. Coming soon, you’ll get to see those details. Keep reading for her worst client story!

Courtney Giles Interiors is a full-service, high end residential design firm. Courtney works closely with her clients to create clean, classic, and comfortable settings. While carefully editing each space, she incorporates the stylistic preferences and personalities of her clients. Whether traditional, glamorous, or contemporary, Courtney creates enticing rooms her clients want to spend time in. Be sure to review her full portfolio on her website!

Courtney grew up in Alabama and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in interior design. Her grandfather owned a construction company, so growing up around many projects led to her early interest in design and architecture. If she weren’t a designer, she would be a stylist for design photo shoots.

Outside of work, Courtney’s hobbies include reading and walking. Two young children and a full-time job keep her insanely busy these days.

One of the first antiques Courtney ever purchased was a French Empire Semainier. It has moved with her to several different homes. When it comes to art, she loves her commissioned pieces from Amanda Talley of New Orleans. Click here to check out Amanda Talley Art.

What elements define your style? Do you have design signatures?

“I love a mix of antiques and contemporary art. That is very prevalent in my own home. I try to cater to each client as opposed to having a specific formula that is repeated in every single job.”

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What trend in home design do you wish would stop?

“Instagram design. Too many people want to copy exactly what they see on I gram as opposed to using it for inspiration.”

Courtney’s go-to dish to cook is Ina Garten’s weeknight bolognese. The ingredients and instructions are above. Interestingly enough, Courtney and I have the same china. Great minds think alike.

How do you balance work and home life? Any tips?

“Keeping up with work with and the schedules of two elementary kids can be daunting. I’m old school. A paper calendar with details of every day written in it keeps me on track.”

What design services do you offer?

“We area full-service residential firm redesigning one room to tackling new builds from the ground up.”

Any advice for someone wanting to become a designer?

“Go through a design program to cover the basics and try to intern with multiple established designers. Working with a designer firsthand is the best education.”

Describe your dream client:

“My dream client is someone who knows and can convey what they want and then trusts me to do my job. Those projects always turn out better than the ones that are micro-managed by the client. Also, a decisive client is always happier than those who struggle with making decisions.”

What’s one of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

There are several fun projects in my portfolio here in Atlanta, Cashiers, and Sea Island.”

Any dramatic client stories you want to share?!

We had a client who found things wrong with absolutely everything and was ridiculously difficult. We eventually found out her husband was leading another life out of town. Her anger toward him was taken out on multiple people including her designer.”

Courtney Giles Interiors Work & Styling Inspo