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Upgrade Your Style for 2024: From Tailoring to Skincare

Jan 5

Upgrade Your Style for 2024: From Tailoring to Skincare

As the new year approaches, many of us are busy making our New Year’s resolutions. While some may focus on mental health and fitness goals, why not also make a resolution to upgrade your style? From tailoring your clothes to updating your skincare routine, there are plenty of fashion-related resolutions that can help elevate your overall look in the upcoming year. Let’s discuss some essential fashion to-do’s that you should add to your list of New Year’s resolutions. By following these tips, you can revamp your style and start the year off with a fresh and fashionable outlook. Let’s dive in!

Time to Tailor

Tailoring is a fashion game-changer. Despite popular belief, store-bought clothing isn’t expected to fit you like a glove right off the rack. That’s the magic of tailoring, let’s make time to do what you’ve been putting off, like replacing buttons or fixing hems. This practice is a blend of art and science, enabling you to mold your wardrobe pieces to accentuate your best features. In the coming year, why not pledge to incorporate professional tailoring into your style journey? The transformative power of a flawlessly tailored dress or a sharp, well-fitted suit can be astonishing. Not only do tailored clothes elevate your overall look, but they also enhance comfort and radiate an aura of self-assurance. Trust us, confidence never goes out of fashion. Make a conscious effort to improve your own clothes, you might even fall back in love with those pants that you could never get rid of!

Out with the Old, in with the New in Your Closet

Start your style evolution at the core by reassessing your essential wardrobe pieces. The significance of having quality basics like a crisp white shirt or a pair of well-fitted black pants is paramount. As the calendar flips to a new year, examine the condition of these staple items. Look for signs of wear and tear, faded colors, or loose threads that might be marring the chic appeal of your ensemble. If you find items that have served their time, bid them farewell. When replenishing your basics, choose superior quality over quantity. Remember, these pieces are your style workhorses and hence deserve a bit of splurge. By investing in timeless, high-quality basics, you are setting the stage for a myriad of stylish looks will last a long time. These pieces will enhance your personal style by allowing you to focus on the more eye catching pieces to elevate your look. Keep scrolling for five essential wardrobe head-to-toe looks!

Throw Out Your Old Undergarments

Underneath every great outfit, is a layer of confidence – your underwear. Often neglected and embarrassing, your undergarments play a pivotal role in enhancing your comfort and self-assurance. In the spirit of a fresh start, begin the new year by revitalizing your underwear collection. Dispose of any pieces that have lost their shape, elasticity or simply don’t make you feel fantastic. Swap them out for new, high-quality undergarments that deliver the proper support and comfort. Aim for a diverse range of styles and fabrics to complement various outfits and activities. So go ahead, give your underwear drawer the attention it deserves. Because remember, true style isn’t just about what others can see, it’s also about what they can’t.

Revamp Your Skincare to Fit Your Needs

When it comes to true beauty, the power of a stellar skin care routine cannot be overstated. Think of your skin as a masterpiece of nature, a living canvas that evolves and adapts over time. Just as you’d revise your wardrobe, it’s essential to adapt your skin care regimen to meet your skin’s changing needs. This year, let’s put some extra love into our skin. Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed about the latest in skin care science and innovative products. Become attuned to your skin’s needs – perhaps it craves a little more moisture in the winter, or needs a stronger defense against aging. Remember, your skincare routine is an act of self-care and a way to build healthy habits of consistency, so fill it with products that make you feel as radiant as you are, like a hydrating serum for those dry days or a retinol cream to address those pesky fine lines. Just remember to listen to your skin—it’s always communicating, we just need to learn its language. My skincare expert, Taryn, is here in Atlanta. If you want to see your best skin this year book an appointment with her here! My favorite skin care products are these four items:

Take Your Jewelry to the Jeweler

Just like your clothes, your jewelry also narrates a story about your style. These tiny baubles, however, can lose their charm if not cared for properly. This new year, let’s commit to nurturing and maintaining our favorite trinkets. Plus, they will clean it and make it look brand new. Regular cleaning can go a long way in preserving their brilliance. Invest in some professional maintenance for those pieces that hold high monetary or sentimental value. Mine never look better than when I take them to the jeweler. And remember, repair is always a better option than replacement when it comes to your beloved jewelry. Mending a broken clasp or replacing a lost gem can breathe new life into old pieces, allowing them to shine brightly for years to come. Have prongs checked every year on necklaces and rings, it’s the best way to prevent losing a precious stone! Your well-cared-for jewelry could even become a cherished heirloom, passed down through generations. So, let’s promise to love our jewelry a little more this year, and in return, let its enduring sparkle love us back. Don’t wait for a special occasion to wear your beloved pieces! By giving some love to them now, you can enjoy them every day as a great addition to any look!

The Three Year Old Makeup Needs to Go

Last but not least, let’s talk make up. Did you know your makeup expires? It does. All makeup should be stamped with an image of an open jar, then a number followed by the letter M. This Period After Opening (PAO) symbol signifies how many months after opening until the product expires. It’s helpful to remember around what month you opened it. That was shocking to me, so I will be doing a big purge of old make up in the next few weeks! Its also important to routinely clean your make-up brushes. Using dirty brushes could cause irritation and acne, undoing all the good work of your new face care! Take a look at your brushes, do they need a good clean or is it time for new brushes.

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