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Elegant Christmas Decorating Home Tour Blog Hop

Nov 20


I’m so excited for Christmas and all of the festive decor and activities. I am sharing another small little Christmas decor blog hop with you today, yay! Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to see the other three ladies on the hop.

I want to start this tour off in my dining room. It’s the first room you see when you walk into my home, so that’s a great place to start. I’ve been collecting Christmas decor for years and it finally has come together and feels complete. The key to this look is having several items to layer together. Two to three types of ribbon, tree picks and garland of some sort. The biggest tip I have for you here is that tree picks are not just for trees. They are for garland of all types. Garland also doesn’t have to be just for the stairs; it can be for you dining room table or a chest. I love the white and gold theme of the tree. All of those ornaments are shatter proof and a lot of it was purchased at Homegoods. I also FINALLY found these gold candle holders that are so good looking that I bought twelve for my dining room and a few extra for the farm table. You will see them on my Thanksgiving tables scape next week, so stay tuned.

Adjacent to my dining room is the entry and I love changing out the seasonal decor for this space. ¬†Currently, this spot works best for my nutcracker collection. Eventually, I’ll out grow this space and I’ll move it somewhere else; but for now it’s perfect. If any of you have visited the Greenbrier, they have the most fabulous Christmas Depot by the train station. A few years ago, I started buying a nutcracker every time we visited. I grew up close to The Greenbrier, so it’s super sentimental to me. Funny story, the little rocking horse nutcracker was something that I found in Costa Rica back in September. I was visiting my brother and we had to run into a department store for some things. The whole place was decked out for Christmas and blasting Christmas tunes. Of course I had to buy something out of sheer principle; for the love of Christmas everybody! The most common question I get asked, is about my faux garland and which one to use. I’ve been using this garland and I love it. After you add ribbon and some tree picks, it’s even more awesome!

house beautiful

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