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Thanksgiving Prep: From Your Kitchen To The Table

Thanksgiving preparation can save you loads of stress and make the day even more enjoyable. Get ahead of the stress by following my Thanksgiving prep from your kitchen to the table! Begin with a plan, and create your menu. (I’ll be sharing a few favorites soon! Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter for those!) I love the classics, but have been challenging myself to step out of the normal and add a few new favorites.

Once your menu is set, continue your Thanksgiving prep but taking inventory of your tools. I check everything from my kitchen tools to my table top utensils and stemware. You’ll want to check for chips or cracks on seasonal china if you’re using that. Start planning where everyone will be seated. I find out if additional tables will be needed, and if I have settings for all invited. Check out our farmhouse Thanksgiving post here for some more inspiration!

As we move from your kitchen to the table, go ahead and figure out what you’ll be doing for your center piece. A lot of times this can be done and set well in advance. I am always looking for what I can get done now, so the day of can be spent enjoying family. Another great hosting tip I’ve found is to have a food ready for when people arrive. One that is easy and can be made the day before is a charcuterie board. If you’re feeling up to it try out my “jackuterie” board for the kids!

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