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Top Picks For Your Dad’s Christmas Gift

Nov 10

As we continue to check off our Christmas gift list, let’s take care of the dads! I’ve put together my top picks for your dad’s Christmas gift. A lot of the items on the list are things I know my husband wants, but I’ve also added some I know he will love. To be honest, I want a few of the gifts (especially the fire pit!).

For the Tech Obsessed Dad

We all know the type- the dad who is always on the lookout for the latest tech gadget. I’ve found a number of awesome tech gifts just for him. I think these sound cancelling earphones are great for travel, and this charger will keep him ready to go the whole trip.

For The Outdoor Dad

Heading outdoors is made even better with these top picks for your outdoor dad’s Christmas gifts. Whether he loves camping and needs a cooler backpack or staying close to home for grilling, you’ll be set. I’ve even included this golf set for days when he can’t get outside but wants to continue his practice.

For The Fashionable Dad (Or The One Who Needs Help!)

Last stop on this gift round up for dads- fashion! My top picks for your dad’s Christmas gift obviously have to include fashion. This Peter Millar travel vest will look amazing paired with this watch. If you don’t already have these running shoes on your radar- add them now! If he is set on fashion, but loves luxury this decanter is an awesome find. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with this luggage or these sunglasses.