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The Christmas Home Tour: My Transitional Living Room

Dec 16

The Christmas Home Tour

This year I am hosting The Christmas Home Tour along with six other amazing bloggers! We are happy to have you here and to share our favorite decorated rooms. So stay a while, and hop around to see everyone’s homes.

I am so excited to be starting the Christmas Home Tour in my transitional living room. This space is has tall ceilings but always feels cozy thanks to all the warm colors I used to decorate it. Add in a Christmas tree, garland and twinkle lights and I never want to leave! I love how magical it feels.

Every year I go with a color theme for our Christmas decor. This year I have been loving blues for the holidays and you can see how I used the color here for a Thanksgiving table setting. Using blue in a warm setting like this room helps to balance it all.

Before we get to all the fun ornaments and ribbons, let’s talk trees. Because our ceilings are pretty high I have to go with a tall tree. There are so many amazing options out there now. You can go with an unlit or a pre-lit tree, either way my favorite is a warm white light to go on it. Keep in mind your tree shape too. A skinny tree lends to a more modern look, and a fuller fluffy tree is more traditional.

The garland that I set up this year was gorgeous on it’s own but I think it looks so fantastic to add in some extra sparkle. You can get a plain garland (this one is freshly made!) and twist in something like this to make it more full. Make sure to purchase extra ornaments and add them into your garland to tie the look in with your tree. Above, have fun with it and go with what you love! As always tag me on social media (@j.cathell) and show me your holiday decor!

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