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Wearing White Denim Any Day Of The Year

Wearing White Denim Any Day Of The Year

If you were raised in the South, you probably grew up hearing you cannot wear white after Labor Day. That left you waiting to wear it until Memorial Day! Let’s break a few rules and talk about wearing white denim any day of the year. White denim is one of the most versatile things you can add to your wardrobe because it looks good with just about everything! I’ve outline a few helpful tips below that’ll guide you on what to pair with which style of leg. They are just suggestions that I hope make your white denim shopping experience a bit easier!

But White Denim Doesn’t Look Good On Me

I’ve heard this plenty of times, and have probably said that about myself before! We’ve all been frustrated in the fitting room at some point, and white denim seems to bring out the greatest battles. I’m here to help! Invest in a high quality denim, and look for a thicker material. Even if you are wanting stretch, you can still get a better quality denim and I promise that’ll make the world of difference. Once I figured that out, my white denim game completely changed and I was confident in what I was purchasing.

Also keep in mind your proportions. A high waisted pair of denim may hit at an odd spot on someone who has a shorter torso. You’ll want to try one a few styles to get the correct fit for you.  At the end of the day, get out there and enjoy white denim! It looks great on and can really make your outfit look crisp. See the graphics below for more tips on making the most of your white denim.

Skinny Leg Denim

Straight + Wider Leg Denim

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