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E-Design Childhood Boy’s Bedroom Update

E-Design Childhood Boy’s Bedroom Update

Continuing with the e-design home series, I got a message from a follower last week that left me interested and wanting to help out! Since I have a few children’s bedrooms I am working on right now, this message fit perfectly with my current work and headspace. Now let’s dive into this E-Design Childhood Boy’s Bedroom Update.

Even though the follower has a room for two boys, I wanted to consider a room that was for one kid as well. A room should be a reflection of the one living in it, and kid’s spaces can encourage creativity and imagination. This doesn’t have to mean giant murals of something crazy or wild colors everywhere! Similarly, choose pieces of furniture that are classic and will transition well with them over time. Invest in quality pieces so they’ll be with your kids well into their adult life. I still have pieces my mom gave me when I first moved out.

Keeping The Childlike Whimsy

Once you have set pieces that are timeless, you can interrupt the design with playful elements. Typically, I like to add this in artwork, lamps, or pillows. Things that are easily interchanged. Allow your child’s passions and likes to guide your creative process in designing the room! My girls give me ideas, however I have the final say in how to room will turn out. Moreover, this ends up being a great way for them to strategize and problem solve as well.

You’ll notice I found some great space themed pieces to go into the boy’s room for this follower. Be careful not to add too many themed items, or else the room beings to look kitsch and cluttered. Speaking of clutter, storage is key in kid’s rooms. Lastly, find bookshelves that can accommodate books as well as bins to store toys in.

Let me know if you’ll be designing a kid’s room and how these tips below help you. As always, send pictures! I love getting images from you all of the projects you have going on around your houses. See more e-design room updates here.

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