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Featured Designer: Heather Dewberry

May 19

Featured Designer: Heather Dewberry Stoller, based in Atlanta, stays busy with a family of six. Her passion for interiors started in college with an editorial internship at Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine, where she discovered she loved the homes on the pages more than the writing. From there, she returned to Vanderbilt and took “History of the Decorative Arts” her senior year. After graduation, Heather worked in public relations and was miserable, which led her to interning for a few interior designers, hoping to break into the field.

“Our firm, Huff-Dewberry, Inc. is known for having a fresh take on traditional interiors. My goal is to create collected, ebullient rooms that are welcoming and grow better with time. I love to use color, pattern and antiques alongside cleaner, fresher lines. We adore smaller artisans and suppliers and endeavor to support them in our work. Lots of our images that circulate online and are widely appreciated are 10-15 years old, and many people think they were just completed. That’s the goal of our work, to create timeless rooms that only need a small tweak here and there over the years to feel current.”


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She was later hired by Dan Carithers, who was one of the leading interior designers in the country, and had incredible on the job training. Heather managed projects from Palm Beach to Boston to Palo Alto, which was difficult pre-internet and cellphones.

Keep reading to learn more about Heather, her favorite podcasts, brands, perfumes, destinations, recipes, and more.

What’s one of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on?

“Many years ago one of my clients moved from Atlanta to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The design choices we made for his new home were really interesting, as we schemed how to incorporate his antiques and furniture with new items that reflected the spirit of Brazil. This was almost 25 years ago, so the logistics of shipping and customs in Brazil was fascinating and frustrating all at once. The icing on the cake was traveling to Brazil to see it all in place and experiencing the amazing local culture with my client. We traveled to Rio and Buenos Aires as well, and there are elements of that trip that still influence my work (and wardrobe!) today.”

Describe your dream client:

“Working on a house in Montecito, near Santa Barbara would be so dreamy! It’s one of my favorite places in the U.S., and I married my husband Steve close by. The Mediterranean architecture is very inspiring and it’s a favorite place to visit. We’ve worked on similar style homes in the southern U.S. and they lend themselves well to our favorite collected blend of old and new. The indoor/outdoor lifestyle there is so enticing as well and I love to decorate exterior spaces.”

What design services do you offer?

“We offer a full-service design experience. We work with clients from the architectural phases up through the final installation of furnishings. We work on all aspects of a project down to the last wastebasket and tissue box cover.”

What is your favorite room in your home?

“My dining room. Of course, since I love to set the table this is one of the places that I gravitate towards. We have lots of amazing family memories in here too, as we use it for informal weeknight family meals as well. Why not elevate the everyday and enjoy one of the prettier rooms in your home more often?”

What’s the most important piece of furniture you own and why?

“My most treasured possession is a small Italian chair that belonged to my grandmother. It was her “telephone chair” and she kept it next to her bed for phone books or to have a quick conversation back in the day of corded phones. It’s now in my living room, painted with an antique white finish and covered in a striped fabric I had embroidered with her monogram in tribute. I love the lines and it serves as a reminder of my roots and family that has always supported me.”

What trend in home fashion do you wish would stop?

“Anything made with lucite or acrylic. Lucite tables and accessories don’t add much character to the room since you can see straight through them and they feel cold. I have a lucite coffee table in my living room that was in my husband’s collection before we met and I’ve loaded it up with coffee table books and accessories to give it some weight.”

Tell us about a challenging project you had:

“One piece of advice is to always check the entry points in your house before you order the furniture! Lately I’ve had challenges with smaller doorways and tighter stairwells in historic houses and we’ve had to brainstorm with our upholsterer and movers to build the furniture accordingly. We’ve built custom sofas that can basically be assembled once they are in the room. Many years ago I had a client in Houston who fell in love with a bed that wouldn’t turn the corners in his stairwell and there wasn’t a window it could be lifted through with a crane. Luckily he had another project in Oklahoma and the bed easily fit there!”

Do you like to cook? What is your go-to dish to cook?

“I like dinner parties where I don’t have to be very active in the kitchen and I can enjoy being with my guests. My go-to recipe for years has been Gena Knox’s Herbed Salmon with “Crowded House” Cucumber Salad from “Southern My Way”. It’s always a hit, is beautiful on the plate, and all of the prep work happens before anyone arrives. Add more cayenne pepper than she recommends for a little extra zing!”

How do you balance work and home life? Any tips?

“We really work hard 9-5 and make sure that we are present with our families after hours. I make a weekly menu and grocery shop with my daughter on Sunday afternoons so that I don’t have to stress about what’s for dinner every night. I rely heavily on Pamela Salzman’s “Quicker than Quick” cookbook and weekly dinner schedule. For fast and healthy meals. “Damn Delicious” is another source of great weeknight recipes, the “Korean Beef Bowl” is on repeat at my house!”

Do you like to entertain?

“Yes, I love to set the table with different tablecloths and patterns, and I’m a complete china addict! I feel like laying the table is a lovely way to show friends and family that you are excited to have them there. Guests know that they are special when a table is set just for them. For me, setting the table is very therapeutic, it’s basically pulling together a mini design scheme that is completed a lot faster than a typical design project!”

Tell us about your china:

“I am lucky to have a china cabinet full of patterns I adore, some from family and some I’ve collected. I like to mix and match so they are arranged with salad plates on one shelf, dinner plates on another. A lot of my china is discontinued, sadly!”

Formal China

Do you have any collections?

“I have collected Celedon Wedgwood pieces for many years. I love the soft greens and classical motifs, they quietly complement any room.”


What travel location is on your bucket list or a hotel that you fell in love with?

“Some of my past faves are Ojai Valley Inn (CA), Saint James Paris, Zero George (Charleston), Relais Christine in Paris, and Bacara, where my husband Steve and I were married in Santa Barbara almost 7 years ago.

We are headed to Italy this summer to explore the wine region in Montalcino, since Brunello di Montalcino is one of our favorite wines to drink. We are staying at a pretty vineyard called Arigiano Dimore and my husband has lined up some amazing tours, tastings and dinners close by. We’ll also visit Lake Como, Milan and stay with friends in Padua.”

Favorite cocktail or wine?

“Cool climate Pinot Noir from the Santa Barbara wine country is definitely our go-to wine. It’s a gorgeous place to visit with friendly vintners and we’ve been many times since my husband is from Los Angeles. Favorite vineyards include Brewer-Clifton, Melville, Ampelos, Presquille, Sea Smoke and Tatomer.”

Do you have any hobbies outside of designing?

“Luckily my avocation became my vocation, so I feel like everything I like to do relates to my chosen profession. I love visiting art museums wherever we travel. The English Ceramics room at The High Museum of Art is a perennial favorite, and I visit on my birthday every year.”

What is one of your favorite books?

“Recently I read “Horse” by Geraldine Brooks at the strong recommendation of a fellow English major friend from college. I am not a horse person nor did the summary on the back of the book entice me, but I couldn’t put this one down! It’s an amazing story that incorporates art, science and race across multiple characters and timeframes. It also won the Pulitzer Prize, so I’m not the only one to be in awe of this novel!”

What is your favorite podcast you’ve listened to recently?

““What We Wore” by Laura Vinroot Poole of “Capital”, a womens’ boutique in Charlotte, has great guests from the fashion world and she is a talented interviewer. I just listened to both of her interviews of La Double J founder JJ Martin, and they were very inspiring. JJ enumerates the power of relaxing, patience and discovering pleasure she’s embraced in Italy which is something all of us type A Americans could stand to incorporate!!”

What is your favorite perfume?

“I discovered a new favorite fragrance this winter on vacation in Naples, Florida at my friend’s beautiful shop — Jett Thompson Home. It’s called “Gin Fizz”, and was developed in honor of Princess Grace in the 1950’s by Lubin, a French Perfumery. One spray and I was hooked on the lush bergamot and lemon notes! It smells like a Mediterranean holiday, clean and fresh for everyday wear. It’s new to me, but I love that it’s a classic green scent that’s been around for many years. I also love Aerin Aegea Blossom, which has bergamot notes as well!”

Gin Fizz

Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, mandarin, juniper berry
Middle notes: Iris, galbanum, orange blossom, rose, jasmine
Base notes: Lily, benzoin, iris, vetiver, oak moss, white musk

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Aegea Blossom

Top notes: Orange Blossom, bergamot, musk
Middle notes: Paradisone (light jasmine), mandarin, neroli, verbena
Base notes: Sandalwood, vetiver

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What is your go to every day look?

“Right now it’s floral printed midi dresses, I’m crazy about beautiful patterned fabrics! I also wear a lot of puff sleeve T’s or simple tanks with longer skirts in prints and solids. I’m more comfortable in a dress than pants any day, and I feel more pulled together.”

What is one of your favorite lines of clothing?

“Misa Los Angeles is a perennial fave for their beautiful prints and flowing fabrics. I also love L’Agence for jeans and jackets. SALONI, Zimmerman and Cara Cara make some of my most cherished dresses.”

Favorite Shoes

Heather lives in these wedges in the summer.

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Everyday Bag

She isn’t a big person, so she opts for something small and stylish to carry from meetings to worksites.

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Heather Dewberry’s Work and Styling Inspo

“Why not have a fabulous family entry hallway instead of saving all the love for the foyer? We decided to create a space that really welcomes this family home with serene soft blues everywhere.”

“This room is from a recent re-fresh of a lovely home that we first decorated in 2008. Combining the old-school checks, stripes and floral prints with the quiet soft blue on the curtains and lacquered bookshelves created a winning new look.”

“This is a comfy guest retreat for our clients’ friends and family. Always hang your curtains higher than the windows, closer to the crown molding or ceiling of the rooms. Here we disguised a lower window with natural fiber shades and a terrific floral print.”

“Blue and white is always right, as shown in our clients’ cheery guest apartment! Blues always complement each other, and the repetition of this classic floral pattern adds to the charm.”

“A fantastic example that multiple patterns of varying scale can work together beautifully if similar in color, this sunny bedroom welcomes guests in our clients’ home. Toile is so underused these days, and a classic that we never tire of!”

“Doing laundry isn’t such a chore in this happy space of our home! My daughter and I painted the laundry cabinets as a project during COVID-19 lockdown. We selected this pretty blue and white wallpaper to complement our efforts.”