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The Best Leggings Ever {+ Henley Update}

Nov 2

The Best Leggings Ever {+ Henley Update} 4The Best Leggings Ever {+ Henley Update}

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a shoot with just me, so hello everybody and happy November! I wear these leggings 2-3 times a week and I’ve shared them before on the blog years ago. These leggings are such a staple that all of you must buy a pair – and yes they are worth the money. If you couldn’t tell, these are the infamous SPANX leggings and they are truly fabulous. This particular pair is the faux leather and they just so happen to be my favorite. Don’t be afraid of the word leather… it’s not what you think. These faboo leggings fit like regular leggings, suck you in like no other and have a spectacular sheen to take you from day to night.

How to Style Your Leggings

As you can see, I styled these SPANX leggings in a very casual way with a tunic tops and comfy sneakers. BUT, you can style these bad boys in so many ways. A couple of years ago I went to Keeneland for some horse racing on a chilly fall day. I wore over-the-knee black boots // SPANX leggings // and a long sweater tunic to cover my booty. Instant fabulousness 😉 The perfect legging to wear with any length boot and a sweater/tunic/cardigan.

Size Info

I am wearing a small in these leggings and they fit great. They are snug but not too tight. Their sizing info on the website is pretty accurate. The last thing you want to do is buy Spanx too big… that’s a big fat waste of money right there. You’re paying for that goodness to wrap around your body and keep all of your wobbly bits tucked in. However, IF you are super fit and you don’t have any wobbly bits, you’ll still love them because they don’t give you wedgies or creep in crevices.

As for my awesome sneakers that I live in, they run TTS. I normally wear a 7.5/8 in Nike’s and I bought a 38 (no half sizes) in these sneakers. The fringe spoke to me as fringe normally does. If you live in Atlanta, you can go to Sculpthouse and try them on. Also, my tunic is from Lou and Gray, a brand that is crazy soft//affordable//and washable. I’m wearing a small and these tunics are what I throw on every morning to take the girls to school.

Henley (The cutest golden doodle in the world)

Henley turned 10 months old on October 26th and he’s basically a giant fuzzball of love. He lets my two year old lay on him and torment him all day long. He occasionally lets her know that enough is enough though. Henley doesn’t shed and he’s just the happiest thing ever.  My Birkenstock sandal was laying around about a month ago and he slid into it perfectly. I would suspect though that he wears about a women’s size 10 now. He does need to be groomed about every two weeks to keep the hair out of his eyes and to maintain his luscious locks, haha. Check out the post Meet Henley The Goldendoodle for breeder info.

Spanx Leggings | Gray Tunic Top | Esse Ut Esse Sneakers

The Best Leggings Ever {+ Henley Update} 4The Best Leggings Ever {+ Henley Update} 4

The Best Leggings Ever {+ Henley Update} 4

The Best Leggings Ever {+ Henley Update} 4