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Discover New Rain Gear this Fall

Nov 13

Discover New Rain Gear for Fall

This year we are staying in our mountain house in Cashiers for Thanksgiving! The whole family is coming up and I’m so excited to be surrounded by the mountains and out of the busy city. However, since Cashiers is technically a rain forest, I need all my rain gear. As I started packing I realized some of my pieces are worn out and need an update, follow along to discover new rain gear for fall at Walmart!

This fall Walmart will keep you chic, warm, and dry as we go into the rainy season. In this look I paired skinny jeans, buckled rain boots, a fabulous sweater and the cutest puff bag! These pieces are just what you need when you’re out and about and the weather is unforgiving. These quality pieces are affordable and chic, I am excited to see what Walmart has coming out this winter! Thanks to Walmart for asking me to be a brand partner and sponsoring this post.

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