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Holiday Home Decor: Gift Guide For Your Home

Nov 11

Holiday Home Decor Guide

This gift guide is a bit different but stick with me on this. Today, I’m bringing you a holiday home decor gift guide! If you saw my latest Instagram post you understand last year’s Christmas didn’t go as smoothly as I was hoping. I was on top of so many things, just not the gifts! So this year I’ve planned out gift guides for everything from kids, to dads and now even your home.

As with most things, I’d say prepare and plan what you want to do. This helps keep budgeting in mind as well as giving you the opportunity to take inventory. I find it helpful to use this time to dust surfaces where decor will go. When you plan it out, also look at the containers needed to store your new decor. I love using containers that are red so I can easily identify my holiday decor in storage.

I’ve broken this holiday home decor gift guide into two main sections. First you’ll want to set up your base layer. This includes the Christmas tree, garlands and wreaths. I have a post on mixing faux and fresh garlands for your staircase that I highly suggest reading. I love mixing different types of foliage as well as including flocked greenery as well. There are a number of companies that create beautiful “look alike” greenery pieces so people will never know they’re faux!

Go Green With Your Christmas Tree

Winter White Wonderland Trees

Now that you have put together your base, let’s accessorize! Below you’ll find a few of my favorite accessories to put around the house. This is my absolute favorite part of the holiday home decor gift guide. I love this plush tree skirt, an ornament that looks like my sweet Henley, and these candlesticks to cover a table for Christmas dinner. Now is a great time to refresh blankets ( here and here) and purchase tapers that are themed for the holidays.